I have a pretty clear idea about the design for most rooms in my new house, but the exception has been the craft room.  This is a room that is all about function, and the top priority is designing a layout that promotes creativity and efficiency.  This weekend I made significant progress on both the functional and aesthetic design of this space.

Here’s a look at the craft room in my current floor plan:

160724 Craft room floor plan

The cool thing is that craft room design was not even on my radar for this weekend.  That quickly changed with a trip to the local Habitat Restore.  Right in the very front of the store, there was a set of great cabinets in very good condition.  They had awesome beadboard panels that fit well with my #farmhouseglam style.  Initially, I thought the cabinets would work for the kitchen in the garage apartment.  My mom and sister were shopping with me and they were great sports, spending the afternoon trying to figure out how to reconfigure the kitchen plan to make the cabinets fit.

Alas, we were unsuccessful in that effort. The sizes and combinations of cabinets just won’t work in the space available for the kitchen in the apartment.  But then my mom had a great idea… The cabinets would be perfect for the craft room!

With that, we rushed back to the Restore and bought three base cabinets to fill one wall of the craft room.  Early on in my floor plan planning (say that fast five times!) I had briefly thought about having cabinets and a countertop in the craft room, but ruled it out quickly due to cost.  But cost is much less of an issue when you score a 30″ cabinet for $20.

Yup, one of the cabinets was only $20!!!  I have no idea why it was so cheap.  It seems to be in great shape and even has roll-out trays.  The other base cabinets weren’t that cheap, but they were still a bargain at $100 (30″ drawer base) and $175 (48″ base).  So for a grand total of $295, I became the proud owner of nine feet of craft room cabinetry.  Woot!

As I said, I really like the style of the cabinets.  The finish is a bit dated and sort of dingy looking.  I’m going to clean them up and give them some bright white paint to bring them back to life.

You can see the full set of cabinets in this brief video.  The ones I purchased are the three base cabinets in a row after the corner cabinet.  I also picked up the little upper cabinet with open shelves at the end.

The drawer base will be converted to a sink base and I’ll add a stainless steel sink that will be handy for washing up paint brushes and other messy craft projects.  The upper cabinet will be installed right above the sink.

Here you can see where the cabinets will go in the room:

160724 Craft room floor plan with cabinets

And here you can see a rough sketch of the elevation for that wall.  I’m going to install an open shelving system above the rest of the cabinets:

craft room elevation


Having figured out a plan for at least part of the room, my thoughts turned toward the fun stuff – i.e. pretty colors and design details.  I decided my new cabinet wall needed to be a major feature in the room, and bold wallpaper was surely called for.  I chose this fabulous Leizu Chinese Garden wallpaper in Dark Blue:

160724 Chinese Garden Dark Blue Wallpaper
Leizu Chinese Garden Wallpaper

It is the same pattern as the wallpaper I’ve already chosen for the guest bathroom (more on that later) but in a different color.  Swoon!  Since the site was having a 25% off sale, I went ahead and bought a roll, which will be just enough to cover the wall.

Hopped up on excitement from scoring bargain cabinets and inspired by stunning wallpaper, I was able to complete the design board for the craft room:

craft room design board

I’m super excited.  It’s thrilling to see the room come together in my head, and will be even more so to finally see it in real life!