This is why it’s good that it has taken me 2+ years (so far) to build this house… I keep making tweaks that will improve function and/or reduce cost.  The laundry room is a perfect example of this.

Here’s a look at the floor plan for the most recent version of the laundry room:

Laundry room floor plan

I loved this layout because it offers tons of storage, but I’ve come to realize it has some issues.

First, there’s actually too much cabinetry.  I need more space in the laundry room for dog bowls and the rolling dog food container.  Also, cabinetry is just so dang expensive!  I realized I could achieve ample storage with a less expensive alternative.

So, here are the changes I’ll be making to the current floor plan:

laundry room floor plan changes

Basically, all cabinets are being removed except for the sink base and one additional base cabinet under the window.  My goal is to find these cabinets at the local Restore.  I’m feeling very inspired by my recent craft room cabinetry score!

These changes free up floor space, but they also cut out a lot of storage.  To address this, I’m going to install an elfa closet system from the Container Store.  I really love the flexibility that elfa products offer, but man-oh-man are they a pain in the ass to figure out.  The actual installation and set-up of the system is easy, but there are so many options and parts to choose from that the planning phase can be a bit overwhelming.

I think I’ve managed to configure a system to work on the wall space above the washer and dryer.  Here’s a sketch I made to help me remember my plan now that I’ve finally figured it out!

laundry room elfa system plan

I won’t get into the details of what “hang standards” and “top tracks” are… But I know having those notes will be immensely helpful when I have to actually order this stuff in a few months!

One of the parts of this plan I’m most happy with is the divided hamper.  The hamper will rest in a drawer frame that pulls out, and it will be easy to throw dirty rags from cleaning up the dogs in one side, and dirty kitchen towels on the other side.

This photo from the Container Store’s website shows what the hamper (and the mesh drawer, which is also part of the plan) look like installed:

elfa laundry room from the container store
elfa laundry room from the Container Store

The elfa system is not necessarily inexpensive, but it is certainly much less costly than cabinetry.  Here’s a breakdown of the components in my design and what they cost:

Laundry room elfa system costs

If you ever plan to tackle an elfa closet system for your home, let me know.  I can share some tips I picked up from literally HOURS of trying to figure out how all the elfa bits and pieces work together.

All of this planning actually has me looking forward to doing laundry in the new house!  We’ll see how long that lasts…