My fabulous friend and coworker, Rachel, is due to have her second child at the end of October. She’s having a little girl who will be named Marcie Jane (looooove that name!!). I have always wanted to design a nursery, but I don’t actually want to have kids myself, so I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance. But then my sister and I (selfishly) offered to design and decorate Marcie’s nursery as a gift, and her mama agreed!

I honestly feel like Rachel is giving ME a gift by letting Sara and I tackle this project, but she seems happy to have one less thing to worry about it, so I guess it’s a win-win!

Here is the design board for Marcie Jane’s nursery:

Nursery design for Marcie Jane

The theme of the nursery is “elegant bunny.”  Saying that really cracks me up as it sounds utterly ridiculous, but we really were going for a subtle bunny theme that was warm and elegant.  When Rachel showed me the first sonogram picture of Marcie, she totally looked like a little bunny! Ever since, visions of “elegant bunny” have been dancing in my head and I couldn’t wait to get started on the nursery.

Before I share the source list, let me highlight a couple of specific items that I’m especially excited about:

This pillow:

Bunny Pillow Cover by Jolie Marche

Gah!  This was the whole jumping-off point for the design.  I just love it.  I’ve ordered pillow covers from Jolie Marche before and have been very, very happy with them.

This gorgeous printable:

Have Courage and Be Kind nursery printable


I love this because it perfectly embodies Rachel and her values. She is a tough, independent woman, but she is also incredibly kind.  She stands up to people who treat others unfairly and won’t back down. That’s the kind of person she’s raising her daughter Mollie to be, and that’s how she’ll raise Marcie as well.  The world needs more mamas like Rachel who teach their daughters (and sons!) to be brave and kind toward one another.

Okay, before I get too teary thinking about how awesome Rachel is and how lucky her daughters are, let’s take another look at the overall design board, followed by the source list:

Nursery design for Marcie Jane

Source List:

  1. Customized vinyl wall decal from SurfaceInspired on Etsy. $88
  2. Vue ruffle edge Sherpa throw from Overstock. $32
  3. Bunny pillow cover by Jolie Marche on Etsy. $35
  4. Rice nut weave basket with liner from Bed Bath & Beyond. $15
  5. Have Courage and Be Kind printable from PaperStormPrints on Etsy. $6
  6. Bunny statue from Wayfair. $23
  7. Himmelsk rug from Ikea. $38
  8. Kristaller chandelier from Ikea. $40  (Note: if this is the chandelier we do end up going with, it will be getting a coat of spray paint to match the other gold-toned metals in the room.)
  9. Gold leaf owl lamp from Overstock. $68
  10. Mother’s Garden Light fabric by Lavish from The Inspired Thread. Now out of stock. Sad face. It looks like you can still find individual 1-yard and 1/2-yard cuts of this fabric from a few different vendors on Etsy.
  11. Vintage wooden switch plate cover by KanesTrinkets on Etsy. $12

It will be another month or so until we get into the nursery and actually put everything together.  We’ve already purchased some of the items from the design board, but a few others will serve as inspiration for DIY projects or similar items that we find elsewhere.

Check back later for the Before & After photos!