I have pretty good handwriting. I was very excited about turning my handwriting into a font, but unfortunately, the result was seriously underwhelming.

Here is my actual handwriting, just written out quickly like normal:

Handwriting Sample


I tried twice to turn my handwriting into a font at myscriptfont.com, and these were the results:

Handwriting as a Font - Result 1

Handwriting as a Font - Result 2

Big ol’ meh. I don’t think either look like my handwriting at all.

For this particular site, you have to write your letters into a grid and then scan and upload the grid. This probably works fine for people who just straight-up print when they write. But if you use a print/script hybrid as I do (and as I suspect most people do), the translation from grid to font does not work well.

Has anyone else tried turning your handwriting into a font? How did it go? If it worked well for you, what am I doing wrong?