Meet Steve!

Our foster greyhound, Steve, on his way home from the rescue


Steve is our new foster greyhound. He came off a track in West Virginia about two weeks ago and made his way to Greyhound Pets of America’s Delaware chapter on September 1st. We picked him up that day and have been fostering him since. He is incredibly sweet and playful, and he loves to be around people. We had friends over for crabs over Labor Day weekend (another 101 list item!) and Steve happily laid in the grass and napped the whole time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from that event because picking crabs is messy business and not a great time to be handling a phone!

But here are some other pictures of our sweet Steve:

Steve the foster greyhound


Steve the foster greyhound


We don’t expect to have Steve for very long. He already has a forever family lined up, so he’ll probably only be with us for a week or two. I think we will become very attached to him in that short period of time. Steve is just such a sweetheart. It’s good that I knew from the beginning that he already had a permanent family or I’d be seriously tempted to keep him, despite the fact that three dogs is a lot, especially for someone who drives a MINI Cooper!!

It’s amazing to me how quickly greyhounds adjust to retirement. The only world they know is the track, so you would think adjusting to house living would be tough on them. But I guess they know a good thing when they see it! It only takes a day or two before they settle into a routine of naps, walks, and ear scratches.

Steve the foster greyhound taking a nap


It’s really cute and funny to watch retired racing greyhounds experience new things. Steve did not do great when he encountered stairs for the first time, and he looked like a gangly fawn trying to figure out how to make his legs work. He’s pretty much got the hang of it now, though. Steve was also pretty entertaining the first time he encountered a mirror. He kept admiring the handsome dog looking back at him!

It will be hard to say goodbye to Steve when he moves on to his forever family, but I’m so glad I got to spend some time with him and help him make the transition to retirement. He’s a very good boy!