I am so excited to share the exterior elevations for my new home! In addition to refining and improving the floor plan, the scope of work for my architect, Mike, included exterior design. I want the house to have a cottage feel that’s appropriate for the wooded, rural setting of my lot. Let’s take a tour of what Mike came up with!


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Cottage Curb Appeal - exterior elevation for cottage house plan | AngieBuildsAHouse.com

I struggled to give Mike direction on what I was looking for in the exterior design. The only things I told him were that I didn’t want the house to look like a ranch and that I’d like the garage to have a barn look. I’m very happy with what he came up with. When I picture the drawing above with color and a couple of sets of shutters, it looks awfully cute!

Here’s another image of the front elevation. This image (and others to follow) are the more technical architectural drawings with various notations, but they still help give a sense of what the exterior of the house will look like.

Cottage Curb Appeal - front elevation / architectural drawing | AngieBuildsAHouse.com



I really like that Mike didn’t neglect the back side of the house. He incorporated design elements that will make the rear of the house just as appealing as the front. My lot is on a golf course (which is currently abandoned, but that’s a story for another time and hopefully not a permanent situation), so there will be people who see the rear of the house with some frequency.
Cottage Curb Appeal - exterior elevation for the rear side of the house | AngieBuildsAHouse.com



The image below shows the south side of the house (the side with the garage).

Cottage Curb Appeal - exterior side elevation | AngieBuildsAHouse.com


As I briefly mentioned in my post about the floor plans, my house will include a one bedroom apartment over the garage. That’s why you’re seeing a two-story garage with extra windows. I’ll be sharing more about the apartment in a future post.



This is the view you would see if you were facing the right end of the house (opposite the garage):

Cottage Curb Appeal - exterior side elevation | AngieBuildsAHouse.com


Mike originally had a third window on this side for better symmetry and balance, but I asked him to remove it. It would have been in an awkward location in the master bathroom. This is the exterior elevation I’m least concerned about because it will be surrounded by trees. The only creatures who will be bothered by the missing window are the squirrels (and probably Mike).



I’ve asked my contractor to give me pricing for three different siding options:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Fiber cement in pre-finished colors
  3. Fiber cement in custom painted colors

My hope is that my budget will allow for option #3. I have a color scheme in mind that I think would be absolutely adorable and cottage-y. It’s sort of a hybrid of the classic vs. colorful schemes I debated about in this post. Once I know which options are within my budget, I’ll do another post about specific color and siding choices.

Regardless of siding type, there’s one thing I’ll probably do differently than what’s shown in the drawings. I’m thinking of using cedar-look shingles on the front porch instead of the vertical siding that’s shown. This would only be on the front side of the porch, with vertical siding on the north end of the house. Shingles feel so delightfully cottage-like, so I’d like to use them somewhere other than just the front gable. Here’s a look again at the front of the house so you can see what I’m talking about:

Cottage Curb Appeal - exterior elevation for cottage house plan | AngieBuildsAHouse.com


Cottage Curb Appeal - front elevation / architectural drawing | AngieBuildsAHouse.com


The mix of siding styles – shingle, horizontal, and vertical – is one of the elements I like best about Mike’s design. It’s so much more interesting than the usual all-horizontal siding!

Well, that concludes the tour of the outside of the house, at least for today. Hope you enjoyed it!